1.  Select a design

Select a design from one of our Collections.  Most designs are comprised of 20 consecutive panels to create a non-repeating mural 60 feet in length.  Some designs have 10 panels before repeating, and some only 5.  We can create more panels to continue your selected mural beyond our standard design configuration at additional cost.  Panels may be ordered in any sequence.  You may start with panel number 1, or another starting point, moving from left to right in sequence (e.g. you require 5 panels, select 1-5 or 3-8, etc.).


2.  Select a base paper

The foundation of your wallpaper is one of the most important parts of the process, and we offer a variety of materials and textures to accomplish your vision.  We offer paper-backed Silk, Fang Kuai hand-pieced tea papers (FK), paper-backed Metal Leaf, and Non-Woven Papers.  All base papers are available in standard colors or may be customized to match your colors.  We also offer special visual and textural effects for each paper.  Click for BASE PAPERS.


3.  Select a size

We offer panels in standard heights, but each design is adjustable to meet wall heights.  Each panel is 36 in. (91cm) wide after trim by installer.  Standard panel sizes range from 4 ft. vertical design painted on a 6 ft. panel, to 10 ft. design painted on a 12 ft. panel.  Taller panels are available if required.  To determine the number of panels the project requires, simply add the horizontal lengths of your walls and divide the total by 36 in.  For portions equaling less than 36 in., order a full panel.  We will assist you with this.


4.  Receive your sample

We suggest you order a 2’ x 3’ sample for a nominal fee.  This will show how your design will look, including colors and scale of the finished product.  If you have chosen custom colors, a sample for your approval is required.  Samples are charged per sample.  After you approve your sample we require that you return your sample for color control during production of your order.  There is no credit allowance for custom order samples.  Samples are usually delivered in 2 to 3 weeks.  Contact us to order your sample(s).

Sample collection

5.  place your order

Specify design name, panel size, number of panels, base paper type and color, panel sequence and custom color requirements.  Pricing is based on design type, paper type, special paper effects, and panel sizes.  Standard painted colors of flowers, trees, leaves, etc. vary for each design and are created specifically to complement the base paper colors.  Panels may be ordered in standard sizes and colors or may be customized to meet your needs. For custom coloring of base papers and/or design elements, and adjusting panel heights or configuration, please provide color references and complete room dimensions.  We will help you determine the number of panels required and provide a quote.  See CUSTOM PROCESS for information on further adjusting a standard design into a one-of-a-kind work of art.  Design diagrams are required for orders involving custom configuration around windows, doors, and design element adjustment.  We require a 50% deposit to initiate your order.  The balance payment is due prior to shipping.

6.  delivery

Paul Montgomery Studio requires 8 to 14 weeks for delivery, dependent upon the size of the order.   All quoted delivery dates are approximate.  Paul Montgomery Studio cannot be held liable for delays in delivery due to circumstances beyond our control.  Standard shipping is ground service by carrier in the USA unless otherwise requested and paid for by you, the customer. For more info, call 1-540-337-6600, or email us.