Kew Melange
Interior Design by Lina Bangash, Massina House, Dubai

Beautiful murals … for your beautiful life

After 45 years of providing hand painted murals for luxury hotels and residences, Paul Montgomery Studio has compiled some of the best murals from the company’s archives.  This beautiful collection of high-quality craftsmanship is represented in the Mélange Series book for 2016.  The collection includes classic scenic views from around the world, delicate Asian floral gardens, and modern, imaginative designs.  Paul Montgomery’s Mélange Series combines old-world hand-painting techniques with modern technology to adorn any type of interior.  These murals represent a thoughtful and sophisticated range that can be used as single panels, or for enhancing an entire room to make an exquisite new setting.

Each mural is created in panel form, normally 91cm wide and a variety of heights, appropriate for most walls.  They are limited to the design, sizes, and colors as shown, and the quantity of panels available for each design.  Most designs repeat smoothly from last panel to first, making it easy to cover larger spaces with a complete mural.  Panels to extend the scene over doors and windows are also offered.  Murals are painted onto a non-woven, breathable and fire-resistant ground, then digitally printed and hand embellished and detailed, and finally glazed by hand with the highest quality urethane sealer which guarantees durability and long life.  Silk panels are also hand embellished and detailed but not sealed as the silks are inherently durable.  Our panels are easy to install by any paper hanger and can be gently cleaned with a soft, moist cloth.  Panels are colorfast and will not fade. Panel sets are sent in a roll and usually delivered in about 3-4 weeks.

The Mélange Series is an exceptional resource for interior designers, architects, and discerning homeowners for the best quality murals at a tremendous value.  This highly selective collection of wall art from Paul Montgomery Studio offers an ever-growing archive of panoramic scenes, classical Asian themes, and modern panels in many variations.

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Sample Page

English Mural

Panoramics Collection


Design Number: S-01-16

*No. of panels available: 10

Panel Width: 36 in / 91 cm

Design Height: 84 in / 214cm

Panel Height: 84 in / 214 cm

Available Colorways: Classic, Grisaille, Sepia

* Repeat: Panel 10 does not join to Panel 1.