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Many of our customers prefer that we handle the entire project, from measuring to installation to touch-up.

We offer several services to make your experience as trouble free as possible.  Larger projects in which walls have many variations and intricate measurements, such as arched doorways, wall returns, or multi-level stairways, require great attention.  We suggest that you use our measuring service when possible.  This will allows us to provide an accurate custom installation diagram for you to approve prior to production. Local installers may also provide this service, but we are not responsible for any omissions or mistakes in measurements. Diagrams should be reviewed with your local installer prior to full size production.

MEASURING: Our measuring services are provided at a fee, and must be prepaid. The cost is determined by location and travel expenses to your job site. We make every effort to minimize this cost. This cost is not applicable to the entire project cost.

INSTALLATION: We also offer referral services for expert installers who can travel to any location to install our wallpapers. These experts are highly qualified. We work with them to ensure that all pertinent information is provided and that your installation is a success. Their fees and costs are negotiated directly with you and not through Paul Montgomery studio, Inc., as they are independent contractors.

TOUCH-UP: Some larger projects may require hands-on touch-up after installation. This is normal and part of the aspect of hand-painted wallpapers. We offer this service at additional cost, based on the extent, location and travel time for the project.

INSTALLERS Please contact us to add your bio and photo to our referral list.

Please contact us by phone: 1.540.337.600 or by email: [email protected]