We hope this will give you the basic information to understand our services and processes.  Although we are very happy to assist with any further questions, it is helpful if you read this first.  You may want to request our “General Ordering Information” PDF for further information about the ordering process.

How much does it cost?2016-12-19T14:10:43-04:00

Retail pricing starts at USD$1,250.00 per single panel measuring 36″ (91cm) x up to 12′ (365cm) high.
Designer Net pricing is available to registered Trade Professionals.  All sales require 50% deposit and balance before delivery.
Samples (2′ x 3′, 67cm x 91cm) are $190.00 within the USA and $275.00 ex-USA, including sending cost.
Samples and diagrams are made at a pre-paid cost.

Is it sold by the roll?2016-10-27T10:47:03-04:00

No, it comes only as panels, always 36″ wide or thinner for custom designs.  We charge for the “value” of a panel, even if it is for smaller portions.

Is it hand-painted? On what surface?2016-12-19T13:48:19-04:00

Yes, hand-painted to order on one of our silk papers or on a variety of our other available grounds.  See

How do I select the panels that I want to order?2016-04-11T12:44:29-04:00

We supply full standard design diagrams once you are ready to order so that you can select the panels that you want.  The panels should be ordered in sequence and are not mixable, unless custom tailored for a fee, beginning at $300.00.

Can I custom color it?2016-12-19T13:34:47-04:00

Yes, for a prepaid fee.  See ORDERING.

Is it in stock?2016-04-11T12:46:30-04:00

No.  Our panels are always made to order.

How do I see what it will look like in the room?2016-12-19T13:51:22-04:00

We provide, for a prepaid fee, a standard diagram showing placement of the panels, which depends on the complexity of the project.  The fee begins at $185.00.  Custom tailored layout begins at $300.00.

Can I get a custom designed mural?2016-12-19T13:53:07-04:00

Yes, we provide original custom designs for a fee, beginning at $600.00.  Some extensive original designs can cost upwards of $6,000.00.  More information can be found on the Custom Ordering page.

How long does it take?2016-04-11T12:49:31-04:00

Samples — Approximately 2-4 weeks.  Full orders take up to 12 weeks, depending upon your order size.  Custom designs require appropriate time to develop.

Can I ask for a RUSH order?2016-04-11T12:50:11-04:00

Yes, for a fee, but not guaranteed to be delivered exactly on time.

How does it come?2016-04-11T12:51:53-04:00

As a roll in a box, size about 40″ x 7″ x 7″.

How do I install the panels?2016-04-11T12:55:34-04:00

It is installed the same as medium weight vinyl wallcovering and should be done by a professional.  See INSTALLATION.

Do you offer custom design?2016-12-19T13:55:36-04:00

Yes, for a fee.  See ORDERING.

Can I frame just one panel?2016-04-11T12:57:41-04:00

Yes, this is a good way to get the beautiful design effect at an economical cost.  Any framer can do this.

Do you offer framing?2016-04-11T13:41:50-04:00

No, we do not offer framing.

Is it fire resistant?2016-10-27T11:04:04-04:00

Only our TNW grounds are produced as fire resistant grounds, and a certificate is available.  Our silk grounds are not fire resistant.

Does it have a protective coating?2016-10-27T11:06:28-04:00

No, but we offer this service at additional cost.  Contact us for more information regarding pricing.

How long will it last?2016-04-11T13:02:11-04:00

Depending upon the environment in which it is installed, the wall panels should last indefinitely, within reason.  Avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods as some fading may occur if exposed to direct sunlight.