1.  Creative Services

At additional cost we can adjust our standard designs or create unique designs based on a suggested theme. The cost is determined by the complexity and size of the design. We can develop any concept into a beautiful wallpaper, whether repeating pattern, traditional Chinoiserie, or classic European panoramic scene. See Custom Design Here.

2.  Design Development

Once we have your specifications, we will research the theme extensively, and create a design that harmonizes the your vision into decorative panel segments. Each panel is drawn in full scale and reviewed and adjusted by the artist.  This process can take several months.

3.  Diagram Development

It is your responsibility to submit complete room dimensions.  Accurate measurements enable us to create a diagram in correct scale.  When the completed diagram is presented for approval, it is your responsibility to review all measurements and design elements and mark any necessary corrections.

4.  Color and Effects

At this time the you will present color references and select a base paper. Standard silk colors can be used plain or with antiqued effect. We can also paint custom colors onto a variety of papers.  See BASE PAPERS

5.  Sample Development

Custom samples are hand painted in your specified colors and base paper.  This 24” x 36” sample will represent the design in full scale and color.  Revisions are made if requested, and new samples are made at additional cost.  We require samples to be returned to insure consistent color and effect for production.

6.  Splendid Results

Though custom design generally takes a few months to complete, the results are always outstanding.  We take pride in creating something completely unique by combining thoughtful, balanced design on beautifully textured surfaces.