We offer a range of paper bases that can be used for any of our designs or used as plain panels.  Samples of customized designs with these various paper bases can be ordered for a fee of $190.00 (USA) or $275.00 (EX-USA), creditable to full orders.  Plain base samples can be ordered for a nominal fee, creditable to full orders. 

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Rose Garden


The standard silks are traditional surfaces for Chinoiserie wallpapers. The available colors are standard as shown in our offerings. The colors cannot be changed.  


Luxurious and iridescent Pearl silks are lovely backgrounds for painted designs or used as plain panels or as tea paper types.


These are ancient types, hand pieced and usually distressed after painting of the designs.  Tea papers are also lovely applied in contemporary versions with Pearl finishes.  For ordering plain tea paper panels without designs, please send your color request and order a sample.


These are luxurious options and can be used as a base for painted designs. They can be used as plain or tea paper surfaces. They are also lovely as plain papers without designs. Plain metal leaf papers are sold by the roll. Tea paper versions are sold by the panel. 


We also offer plain and base paper types.  Send your color request and order a sample. Panoramics are only painted onto plain or non-woven papers, and not usually onto silk.